NEOVAR Baking varnishes are specially designed varnishes based on isophthalic alkyd resin. These products cure on application of heating in oven as per drying, curing schedule recommended in product data sheet. Such Baking varnishes give excellent electrical properties and are also highly impregnating in nature. The advantage of using this Baking varnishes is saving of time as well as minimization of product wastage. NEOVAR Baking varnishes are also available for all temperature class.

  • High bond strength hence firmly holds the wires.
  • Stony Hardness.
  • Resists hot transformer oil /mild acids & alkalis.
  • Dries fast ensuring rapid service to customers.
  • Durable Insulation.
  • Excellent Heat & Moisture Resistance.
  • Exhibits good flexibility.
  • Excellent electrical properties
Packing, Storage & Shelf Life:

Available in 21 kg, 180 kg pack sizes. Store in a cool & dry place. Shelf life – 1 year from date of manufacture in original sealed container at Room Temperature.

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Product Grades:
  • B-Class: NEOVAR B-303
  • F-Class: NEOVAR F-501
  • H-Class: NEOVAR H-180
Method of Application:

Ensure before application, wire windings are free from moisture and other impurities. NEOVAR can be applied by any suitable method like brushing / pouring / dipping / impregnation.

Application Areas:

NEOVAR is suitable for all kinds of motors & alternators specially AC Induction motors, transformers, fans & chokes. It is recommended for Railway and Navy auxiliaries. Useful for impregnation of stators, rotors, generators etc. Used to maintain insulation in equipment operating continuously at high temperature & humidity.