Amino Resins are resins formulated by adding formaldehyde to amino compounds like melamine, benzoguanamine, or urea, then undergoing a condensation reaction and etherification with aliphatic monohydric alcohol. They are used as curing agents for thermosetting coatings. There are two types of amino resins: urea-formaldehyde (UF) and melamine-formaldehyde (MF). Neo Amino resins are based on Butylated melamine formaldehyde. They are soluble in alcohols, esters ketones, glycol ethers, aromatic hydrocarbons it has limited soluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons and is insoluble in water. NEO Amino resins are compatible with all short oil alkyds. Oil free polyester, medium and high molecular weight epoxy resin, epoxy ester ,thermosetting acrylics, and PVB resins. Being highly reactive and are used for curing of short oil alkyd, imparting excellent hardness, sharp gloss and mar- proofness to stoving system.

  • Excellent Impact resistance.
  • High reactivity & rapid curing.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance property.
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Product Grades:
  • NEOREZ 7121
product code suggested applications
NEOREZ - 7121 High gloss stoving enamels with alkyds. Epoxy and acrylic system.
product code type acid value koh/gm % solid +-2 solvent MTO TOL. spe. gravity gm/ml viscosity as such by gardner tube @ 25 oC GARDNER ON SCALE as such
NEOREZ - 7121 BUTYLATED MF 3 MAX 60 +-2% n - BUTANOL MIN. 1:5 1.00 +-0.02 8-12 POISE < 1