This is a single pack Polymer modified Cementitious System based Tile Adhesive. The product offers excellent resistance to complete immersion & adhesion to all building material. Curing is not required for Permanent tile fixing. Ideally suitable for ceramic, mosaic tile bonding. Coverage : 13-14 kg/m2 when applied by 7 mm notched trowel.


This is a thixotropic solvent free, epoxy resin based hard wearing & attractive tile joint grout. The system has low odour & is resistant to water, weathering & wide range of industrial chemicals. The product comes with unique colour pack system to match tiling colours. Apply the mixed component (Resin + Hardener + Filler) with a spatula into the spaces between the tiles & around the edges. Remove excess material with a dry cloth. Finds extensive use for bathrooms/ swimming pools/ factories/ hospital where a stain free easily cleanable product is required. Coverage : 0.25 kg /m2.


Acrylic Wall Putty is a water based ready-to-use putty. It is designed to give the best properties as an under coat, provides a very strong, durable foundation and brings out the best of finish paints in looks and durability. AWP is a perfect product meant for filling and smoothening out cracks and dents on the plastered wall or similar interior surfaces. A very finely mixed and quick drying putty with superior acrylic binders, AWP not only gives a firm grip on the wall surface but makes painting over it extra rich. Over and above the putty surface has limited porosity and good breathability as against conventional putties. It also exhibits good alkali resistance.


NEOPROOF FILCRAK is a single pack, ready to use flexible non sag paste specially designed for filling the cracks in plastered surfaces. Composed of high quality durable acrylic polymer, finely graded fillers, light fast pigment & additives, it offers excellent bonding to Cementitious surfaces, water & UV resistance, aesthetic non staining appearance & durability. Conforming to ASTM C 834 – 91 it is suitable for use in internal & external plastered brick masonry wall cracks of upto 5mm width. Being flexible accommodates minor movements in cracks. It is non toxic, environmental friendly product. Application is done with a spatula / knife. Its better to apply bond coat of the product with 1:1 water diluted mix. Allow to dry for 24 hours and then proceed with sequential activities. Limitations -Should not be used for cracks more than 5 mm thick. Not to be used in cracks of structural members, expansion joints & separation gaps.


NEO’s RUST-O-KILL is a single part adduct of polar solvents & organic acids specially formulated to remove rust, convert rust into non corrosive coating & also act as an active oil & de-greasing agent. Its 3 in 1 action of RUST REMOVAL/RUST CONVERSION/DEGREASING offers a handy product for all maintenance needs. Finds use in all industries/building & construction etc. Dilution is possible with water but for badly rusted areas undiluted usage is preferable. Apply with brush or dry cloth/sponge or spray gun on surfaces which are rusted or where initial rusting has started & requires re-painting. Wait for 5 to 10 mins & then scrub clean the surface with Sand or Emery paper. Remove loose particles & wipe with wet cloth & then with dry cloth. Apply primer or paint as required immediately.

NEO PRIME GUARD RED OXIDE PRIMERS are specially developed 2 part epoxy based anti corrosive product containing Zn Phosphate added with superior corrosion inhibiting pigments. The product is phenalkamine curing red oxide primer. Recommended as primer on MS Surface for OEM’s, process industries like fertilizers, refineries, chemical & other plants. Also useful in diverse areas of tank exteriors, equipments, pipelines, structural steel, etc. Not to be used for immersion application. The product gives Red Oxide Matt Finish whose surface dry will be in 15–30 mins & hard dry in 12 hrs. Coverage is approx – 10-11 sq m / ltr for 35 micron DFT. Mix base and hardener as per ratio advised. Pot life of mixed content is 2 hrs & the coating is compatible to all types of top coats. Neo has in its range RED OXIDE PRIMERS made with different base other than epoxy.


NEO DE SHUTTERING OIL: Products are ready to use mould release agent for rapid stripping of moulds in any formwork. They are clean and stain free. Grades available in the range are DSO – STD, DSO-RTU. DSO STD is a concentrated & emulsified chemical mould release agent that can be diluted with water. This reduces storage and transportation cost. Coverage -150 to 160 sq.m/kg. DSO RTU is an oil based chemical mould release agent for quick, stain free and easy stripping activity. Can be used for steam curing also. Works faily well on wet surfaces also. Coverage of the product is 50- 60 sq.m/litre.


NEOCRETE ANCHOR GROUT are 2 part high strength, thixotropic Polyester resin based grout. They are highly vibration & corrosion resistant. The product on setting attains very high compressive & Pull Out strength. This can be safely used under water also. The product is fast setting in nature & is designed exclusively for applications where early load bearing capacity & speed of installation is required. Few applications are grouting of Steel bolts into concrete, stones, machinery & brick work. The product Conforms to BS 6319 - Part 2-3 & BS 2782 part 2.


NEOPROOF RC 230 is an Acrylic reinforced water-based coating designed for protecting REBARs from corrosion. The product shows excellent water & abrasion resistance and its coating also exhibits anti fungal & anti bacterial properties. RC 230 comes with special corrosion inhibiting additives to make it last longer. The product is ideal for use over Reinforcing Steel to protect it from further corrosion. Apply 2 coats @ 50 sq.ft/kg per coat. Coverage is around 40-50 sq.ft/kg @ DFT of approx 100-150 microns.


NEOPROOF RC 233 is a modified U. V. resistant clear lacquer to be applied over elastomeric liquid membrane coatings for extra durability, gloss, dust/dirt and water repellency. This product is just a protective coating and does not have any waterproofing property. It only protects pre applied membrane coating from immediate / short term damage from dust and UV. Apply by brush or airless spray equipment. Normally single coat is enough but if required you can put 2 coats. Allow recoating interval of approx 1 hr. Coverage is around 120 sq. ft per litre per coat. Will be higher if spraying method is used.


NEOGUARD 5150 is a 2 part, air drying, polyamide cured Epoxy Clear lacquer with good chemical & salt Resistance. Recommended as Topcoat on epoxy primer/True coat on metal Surfaces. Available in Glossy / Semi glossy finish, the product is applied by brush / spray. Coverage–14.6 -17.6 sq m per litre per coat for DFT of 25-30 microns. Mix the 2 parts in the given ratio & apply. Pot life–4 hrs, Touch Dry–30 mins & Hard Dry–12 hrs. Find uses in OEM’s as well as for process industries like fertilizers, refineries, chemical & other plants, pipelines, structural steel, etc.

NEOSHIELD 6220 is a 2 part air drying Aliphatic isocynate based PU clear lacquer coating for best gloss retention, chemical resistance & protect from UV degradation. It is recommended as topcoat on Epoxy Primer or PU Primer/as a True coat on MS surface for OEM’s & Auto ancillaries as well as for process industries like refineries, chemical etc. Available in Glossy / Semi glossy finish the product is applied by brush / spray. Coverage –12.16 -14.6 sq m per ltr per coat for DFT of 25-35 microns. Mix 2 parts in the given ratio & apply. Pot life – 3 hrs, Touch Dry – 30 mins & Hard Dry – 6 hrs.


NEO BITUMINOUS COATING (IS 9862) is a specially designed ready to use Black Bituminous Paint conforming to IS:9862 specification useful for coating of drinking water tanks. It is Lead free and resistant to Acid & Alkali, Water & Chlorine. It finds application as paint or primer for use on exterior & interior surfaces of Metals, Wood, RCC etc. Also used as a primer coat on Concrete surface / Brick surface / Metal surface /Smooth asphalt roofs / Concrete Sloped Roof before aesthetic singles roofing. Apply 2 coats by brooms, brushes, squeegees or airless spray equipment. Touch dry - 3-4 hours at 30oC & Hard dry - 8 hours. Coverage - 3-4 m2 per litre per coat on masonry surfaces & 8 m2 per litre per coat on Smooth Metal Surface ( like steel etc). DFT - 60-80 microns per coat.


NEOEFFECT SPARKLER are specially formulated clear – semi transparent, retro reflective paint that dries super fast leaving a invisible & reflective coating. The coating provides dazzling effect on light incidence. Designed using high quality reflective pigments it makes easy visibility of things / substrates during night time without any change in its usual appearance in day light. Consisting of Polymer and Special pigments it forms a flexible, glossy and UV stabilized coating. Best if applied on top of any base coat of same or different colour for giving perfect reflection and protection. Typical uses include Industrial labelling; Sign Boards; Pedestal Identification; Stair Case; Racks and Shelves; Identification where visibility is critical & countless other creative uses that catches our imagination.


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