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The long-term value of purchasing a system with zero VOC content


What exactly is Epoxy? A question may arise in your mind if you’re totally new to this industry, It’s not as complex as you think so. Epoxy refers to any basic components or cured end products of epoxy resins, or also a name for the epoxide functional group. But that’s not important for you to know if all you’re looking for is little extra shine on your floors, or cars or any products that you want, the good news is Epoxy is what you’re looking for. Even in terms of flooring, if you compare the benefits of epoxy flooring for garage alongside tile flooring, epoxy wins every time as the best garage flooring. It's durable, non-toxic, lasts for many years, is easy to maintain, and the looks you can create are as many as your ideas and what could be better if it’s zero VOC!

But you need to know that Epoxy coating isn't technically a paint, even though the name may be used. A straight epoxy paint would contain both acrylic paint and epoxy in its mix, sometimes called 1-part epoxy. The acrylic formula can allow for customizations in coloring, and this type of epoxy paint dries like regular paint. This epoxy component is attributed to the paint's resistance to chemical stains on the floor like gasoline or oil, so it's often used on garage and workroom floors. Many may have a question that is Epoxy scratch free? Well to be honest, it just depends on the amount of Epoxy used. Thicker the epoxy, the better it is, even if something hard is dropped on the surface. Lower Epoxy may still show some scratches

Compared to tiles, wood or other floor options, an epoxy floor coating is considered the most scratch resistant. High traffic areas, outdoor spaces, decks, workspaces and areas with lots of moisture like pool floors or saunas are excellent candidates for zero VOC epoxy floor coatings because of its scratch, moisture and abrasion resistance.

Even when it comes to money matters, Epoxy is really cheaper. On the one hand, tile flooring can cost you Rs. 65 – 110 per sq. feet. And it can also range up to rs.1000 to 2000 per sq. feet, on the other hand, the starting price for epoxy flooring can only cost you Rs. 40 per sq. feet.


The 10 most interesting facts about zero VOC epoxy flooring can be that,

1. It’s easy to install Epoxy flooring on different surfaces

Unlike any other flooring options, epoxy can be installed on nearly all types of flooring, may it be metals or concrete or any other substrates.

2. Epoxy flooring can withstand heavy traffic

Well if you are looking for a heavy-duty floor, Epoxy is the right choice. It can withstand heavyweight of machinery. This makes it a perfect choice for garages, factories, airplane hangars, warehouses, and many such places.

3. Epoxy is available in various shades.

If you want a beautiful glossy finish, epoxy comes in various colors which makes it easy for you to choose any color you want. You can just add colors to the facilities you want.

4. Epoxy is almost impermeable.

The molecules of epoxy resins are cross-linked, making it almost or nearly impermeable. It means that epoxy floors are can resist water and air and won’t get damaged by corrosive materials.

5. Epoxy flooring can resist chemical attacks.

Due to its chemical composition, epoxy flooring can resist chemical attacks making it a best flooring choice for manufacturing units and factories where there are chances of chemical products getting spilled.

6. Epoxy floors are effective fire retardants.

Many of the epoxy coatings contain pigments which act as fire retardants. If high temperature or fire is your concern, make sure you choose the right kind of epoxy flooring which has fire-retardant properties.

7. Epoxy resins can also be combined with other materials.

Epoxy resins can be combined with different materials which would increase its performance. For example: for a beautifully textured floor, silica sand can be added with epoxy coating and it won’t even be slippery.

8. Epoxy flooring will save you a lot of time

If you’re worried about your work schedule, don’t worry as installing an epoxy floor will only take 2-3 days. And this can be done in a weekend too.

9. Epoxy floors are easy to maintain.

Its shiny and smooth surface makes it incredibly easy to maintain and clean. Your floor will never look dirty or damaged, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time cleaning it.

10. Epoxy flooring is a smart investment.

Epoxy flooring can look a heavy investment first, but trust me; it’s a cheap and a smart investment. Easy to maintain, and highly durable. Plus look at the plus points it has, it can withstand heavy traffic, chemical attacks, fire and all. And it will stay beautiful and shiny for many years to come.

NEO Paint | 25 March 2023

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