Wow! Just look at that new shiny car, how much I wish my car looked so new…

Oh! Look at that new house... I wish I could have such a beautiful home too...


Well, I am not talking about what car you drive or what house you live in or whatever your occupation is, you still can feel the beauty around you with Neo paints being around. We don’t say that we can give you products that don’t rust, but at least we can promise that our anti corrosive paints won’t let your assets rust soon or easily; and you can use them just like new for years. As you may know Anticorrosion refers to the protection of metal surfaces from corroding in high-risk (corrosive) environments. When metallic materials are put into corrosive environments, they tend to have chemical reactions with the air and/or water. Our anti-corrosive paints works like a barrier between air and water restricting its direct access to any metal.


Now you may wonder which product am I talking about! We are pleased to offer you our best low VOC anti corrosive paint  such as Epoxy Paints & Epoxy Primers and PU paints or Polyurethane paints, & PU Primers, rust remover /degreasing oils / Rust converter and such long portfolio of products.


Low VOC paints such as Epoxy paints & Epoxy Primers also known as NEO GUARD; is thermoset having fine mechanical, chemical, and adhesion properties to be utilized as adhesives, coatings, and matrix for advanced composite materials.


Low VOC PU or Polyurethane paints and primers also famous as NEO SHIELD; is a versatile thermoplastic polymer with a range of characteristics (tensile strength, chemical resistance, thermal stability, and processability) as coating, elastomer, foam, and fiber for technical application.


Our Rust remover products which are also known as Rust-O-Kill, which you can easily remember as rust remover/ degreasing oil/ rust converter; doesn’t form an immediate film but rather would penetrate the pours rust and reach the metal underneath. It dehydrates, or dries out the rust by a chemical activity, allowing the resin to solidify into a tough coating with phenomenal adhesion


It is 3 in 1 action of RUST REMOVER / RUST CONVERTER / DEGREASING OIL offers a handy product for all maintenance needs. It finds its use in all industries/building & construction etc.


Well, you might think that we can just remove the rust. But I’m looking for an anti-corrosive solution. Yup and the answer is our Neo Prime Guard Redoxide or Neo Prime Guard Grey.


These PRIMERS are specially developed 2 part epoxy based anti-corrosive products containing Zn Phosphate added with superior corrosion inhibiting pigments. The product is phenalkamine curing primer. Recommended as primer on MS Surface for OEM’s, process industries like fertilizers, refineries, chemical & other plants. Also useful in diverse areas of tank exteriors, equipment’s, pipelines, structural steel, etc. Neo has in its range of PRIMERS made with different base other than epoxy.


So here we are… we have the best solution for all your rusty things, so what are you waiting for?


Just go ahead and remove all the rust everywhere with Neo’ RUST-O-KILL and let them shine for years with Neo Prime Guard Red Oxide Primers. And Neo Prime Guard Grey and finish it with our topcoat of Neo Shield.


Happy Painting.

NEO Paint | 24 March 2023

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