Epoxy MIO Primer

Our collection of Epoxy mio-paint accompanies a quality intensive nature and pattern utilized for the coating machines in various backgrounds and has the capacity of making the best of all circumstances for an incredible output at all given times. Our epoxy has a great nature of delivering outputs in exact and precise.

This epoxy MIO primer (epoxy MIO coatings), which is short for micaceous iron oxide primer, is a sort of antirust (rust sealing) paint with two parts. This epoxy micaceous iron oxide preliminary is produced using epoxy gum, scale like micaceous iron oxide, antirust added substance, and curing specialists, and so on. The epoxy MIO preliminary (epoxy MIO coatings) features scaly pigment with high pigment volume. So that after film framing, this covering is rendered in parallel covering succession, a structure like that of sizes of fish. Accordingly, the epoxy MIO primer (epoxy MIO coatings) is with the benefits of high seal capacity, solid warmth and consumption resistance, and extraordinary similarity. It can be connected to the zinc rich primer for improved fixing quality and antirust execution of boats, compartments, spans, gas tanks, harbor hardware, concrete and different steel structures, and so on.