Acrylated Alkyd

It is created for quick drying exterior / interior strong air drying coatings. It could be utilized as hydroxyl functional base as a part of two pack urethane systems. So also with MF resin or blocked isocynate, it could be cross connected at higher temperatures in one pack stoving systems.

Features :
  • Cost effective versatile resin
  • Very good compatible with pure acrylated alkyd resins, chlorinated rubber resins, Polyurethane resins
  • Quick drying with very good acid & alkali resistance
  • Good exterior durability
  • Excellent substitute for chlorinated rubber coatings
  • Quick drying coatings with very good exterior durability for exterior structures such as pipelines, tanks etc. The durability could be boosted by imparting few parts of pure acrylated alkyd resins in alkyd paint formulation
  • Alkyd paint formulator could develop excellent coatings for ship side paints, containers coatings, low bake primers & top coat for chasis.
  • Hydroxy terminated base resin for two pack polyurethane application